Greg & Kellie

A story by Douglas Thayer and his wife Donlu DeWitt Thayer.

Greg is a high school graduate, popular, good-looking, and energetic. He is a good member of the Church and plans to serve a mission like his brother. Kellie is pretty, talented, and belongs to a strong LDS family. Greg and Kellie are in love and plan for a temple marriage. But something comes into their lives which changes everything. Greg and Kellie are suddenly confronted with difficult decisions and responsibilities that neither had been prepared to face. Do they have the courage and love enough to see them through?

Greg & Kellie is a powerful novel that has inspired thousands of readers. It brings its sensitive and moving story to a new generation. Greg & Kellie is a story you won’t soon forget.

A movie based on Greg & Kellie (“Only Once”) was released in 1998. For more information about “Only Once” visit:

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