Wasatch: Mormon Stories and a Novella

“LDS literary fiction at its finest, written with Thayer’s crisp style and shot through with his trademark irony, tempered by his faith.”
—Richard Cracroft, emeritus professor of English, BYU

Douglas Thayer’s third collection presents a dozen of his career-best stories, including several that have never before appeared in print.Wasatch is the next chapter in Thayer’s recent literary success, preceded by Hooligan, his landmark memoir about growing up Mormon in Provo, Utah, and by his acclaimed novel The Tree House, about the trials and redemption of missionary and soldier Harris Thatcher.

“Each story in this collection features the clear-eyed vision and realistic prose style that have served Thayer and his many readers so well throughout his career.”
—Phillip A. Snyder, associate professor of English, BYU

“This work illuminates the Mormon culture with unique depth and variety, but also shows us, with equal power, the American West in fresh, moving frames.”
—Elouise Bell, author of Only When I Laugh andMadame Ridiculous and Lady Sublime

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BYU Studies Review

Tree House has just been reviewed by Phillip A. Snyder at BYU Studies.

“Despite his being awarded the 2008 Smith-Petit Foundation Award for Outstanding Contribution to Mormon Letters by the Association for Mormon Letters, Douglas Thayer has long been an underappreciated voice in the world of Mormon literature. With the recent publications of Hooligan and The Tree House, he has enjoyed a sort of renaissance, and, with a new collection of short stories due out in Fall 2009, also from Zarahemla Press, that renaissance is sure to continue. ”

To read the full review go here: http://byustudies.byu.edu/showTitle.aspx?title=8503

The Tree House

When Harris Thatcher’s father dies, the boy’s journey into manhood becomes complicated with questions of faith, the meaning of life, and the capriciousness of death. Harris soon finds himself preaching the Mormon gospel as one of the first missionaries to West Germany following the devastation of World War II. Little does he know that his own war horrors await him upon his return home, when he is drafted into the Korean War.

Starting out in the same 1940s-era Provo, Utah, that Thayer brought to life in his memoir Hooligan: A Mormon Boyhood, this novel deepens and darkens as Harris is drawn into his harrowing Korean ordeal. Will he survive the war, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually? And if he does survive, what other trials does death hold in store?

“I was totally engrossed in The Tree House. The depictions of Harris growing up in Provo, serving an LDS mission in post-war Germany, and fighting in the Korean War are excellently crafted. I’ve never read a better or more gripping treatment of men at war. Thayer’s characters and places are real; they are alive. This novel is literature, and reading it is a splendid experience.”
—Richard Cracroft, BYU professor of English, emeritus

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“One of the finest writers the LDS Church has yet produced has now turned his talent to his own growing-up years. Entertaining, wise—and it’s even true.”
—Orson Scott Card

In the days before sunscreen, soccer practice, MTV, and Amber Alerts, boys roamed freely in the American West—fishing, hunting, hiking, pausing to skinny-dip in river or pond. Douglas Thayer was such a boy, and in this poignant, often humorous memoir, he depicts his Utah Valley boyhood during the Great Depression and World War II.

Known in some circles as a Mormon Hemingway, Thayer has created a richly detailed work that shares cultural DNA with Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes, Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. His narrative at once prosaic and poetic, Thayer captures nostalgia for a simpler time, along with boyhood’s universal yearnings, pleasures, and mysteries.

“Douglas Thayer’s Hooligan is the most delightful thing to come out of Utah since the glaciers receded. This memoir seduces the reader with vivid hometown detail, a warm-hearted recreation of boyhood, and generous dashes of Thayer’s distinctive irony and wit. I’m buying stacks for Christmas presents.”
—Elouise Bell, author of Only When I Laugh and Madame Ridiculous and Lady Sublime

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